May 22-24, 2018 in Esterillos Este, Costa Rica
You’re Invited To The “Sales” Summit!

How To Acquire The Skills, Techniques
And Strategies Of The World’s
Most Highly-Compensated Sales Stars,
Leverage Them In Your Business,
And Skyrocket Your Profit & Revenue
In Less Than 30 Days.

The Sales Summit is a full, 3-day event where you’ll learn how to guide your prospects to make the right sales decision and close the deal.

Dear Online Entrepreneur:


Jim Barksdale famously said,

“Of course, nothing happens until somebody sells something.”

Barksdale worked as a sales rep for IBM. Then he was COO of Federal Express during that company’s boom years.

Then he spent time as CEO of AT&T.

Then he took over Netscape and eventually sold it to AOL, pocketing over $700 million just for himself.

Jim’s world-renowned for using innovative technologies to change the way companies and consumers use products.

But he’s also known for his down-to-earth common sense and tireless work ethic.

He knows the most innovative technologies
can’t survive unless somebody sells something.

Nothing happens until somebody sells something.

At MOBE, we’ve implemented some of the most innovative technologies in the internet marketing industry to help you sell-without-selling. Technologies that have changed the face of internet marketing.

  • High-converting sales funnels.
  • A world-class phone sales team.
  • Testing mechanisms that ensure we are constantly improving.
  • Irresistible offers that “sell themselves” Personal mentors to help you overcome every obstacle you encounter.
  • And much more ...

But the one thing that separates the good MOBE business partners
from the ELITE Million-dollar MOBE business partners …
is their ability to sell high-ticket products in a one-on-one setting.

Our top earners know that, when they need to, they can set an appointment and close big sales.

The ability to sell high-ticket products in a one-on-one, face-to-face situation is still one of the most valuable skills you can possess … in ANY industry.

If you want to instantly turbo-charge your business and bust through to the next income level, there’s no more powerful skill you can invest in.

And that’s what MOBE Sales Summit is all about.

Note: It’s normally $2,997 to attend the Sales Summit, but you can attend for free as a Titanium member.

The Titanium Mastermind is a premiere business-building event, held several times each year in exotic locations. Previous destinations have included the Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas, the Dominican Republic, Thailand, and Puerto Vallarta. At Titanium, you will learn how to scale your business to 7-figures (and beyond) by implementing systems and “next level” marketing.

Full details here:

At The MOBE Sales Summit,
You’ll Discover …

But don’t believe me, let’s check the numbers, they never lie …

How Just One More Sale Per Month
Could Skyrocket Your Income

Let’s do a little math.

Let’s say you master the skill of selling high ticket products and you make just one more high-ticket sale per month.

Just one more big sale every 30 days.

How much would the boost your income?

If you sold a Diamond membership, your commission would be $10,000.

That's $10,000 every single month.

That's $120,000 every year.

Let's say you sold one more Platinum, each month.

Your commission would be $5,500.

That's $5,500 every single month.

That's $66,000 every year.

And that’s just from making one more sale each month!

Now you can see why mastering high-ticket sales is the most powerful skill you can learn.

The return on your investment is astronomical.

But the investment is not astronomical. Not even close.

More on that below.

But first I want to tell you about our featured presenters at the MOBE Sales Summit …

The MOBE Sales Summit
Featured Presenter:
Dr. Don Burnham

Multiple small business owners in 16 different countries have come through this training.

Dozens of the Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 sales teams have wanted access to these techniques and systems to help them strengthen their influence, close more deals and make more money.

We will take you on a deep dive into the most powerful sales techniques …

  • How to close high-ticket sales in the 1:1 setting … at home, over the phone, or at a coffee shop.
  • How to blast through intimidation, take control and make multiple sales in a groups setting.
  • The power of using Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) in your sales presentations to ethically hypnotize your prospects.
  • How to use “profit speaking” strategies to improve you leverage even in every day situations.
  • Powerful strategies for building your authority, credibility and influence … to close deals faster.
  • Power negotiation strategies to help you always get a better, more profitable deal.

Our team will spend 3 full days with you, revealing their secrets of sales mastery. Specialized techniques, scientific influence strategies, tested and proven sales processes.

All perfectly-tailored to help you raise your ability to get more “yesses” and influence people to take action ...

Here Are Just Some Of The Techniques & Insights
You’ll Discover In 3 Power-Packed Days

  • Neuro Science Techniques that will give you keen insight into how your prospect’s mind works…and how to get them to say “yes” faster!
  • NLP Rapport techniques that help you increase trust and influence … if they don’t trust you, they’ll never pull out their credit card. Discover how to bond fast … even if you hate small talk!
  • 5 Secret keys to getting to a yes in any sales meeting … selling to groups? Selling at the kitchen table? Selling at the office? You’ll get to yes anywhere, faster than ever.
  • Negotiation tactics to take more money off the table. Ever feel like you’ve been cheated? Now you’ll see all their tactics coming BEFORE they can rip you off … and turn the tables to get the best deal you can.
  • Public speaking skills to be confident networking and giving presentations to groups. If you’re afraid of public speaking … like most of us are … you’ll be amazed at how quickly these techniques will make you feel confident, in charge, and ready to close!
  • How to power-sell from the stage. The ability to make many sales all at once is the very definition of 80/20 power and leverage. Learn how we have taught some of the world’s most well-compensated stage sellers their million-dollar tricks of the trade.
  • How to find speaking engagements to unleash your new-found powers of stage power selling.
  • How to make more from every deal. When you’re talking about high-ticket sales, even small percentages add up fast! How to get every percentage you can get without leaving any money on the table!
  • How to overcome any objection. Yes, any objection. You can’t sell unless you can overcome objections, better yet, eliminate objections before they even come up! We will show you how.
  • How to control the sales process so you always get a yes! Sales success is about trust and confidence. You must control the process from start to finish. We will reveal the most powerful “control tactics.”
  • How to flip the math and change the numbers to your favor. Simple ways to use numbers to get yourself a better deal. Your prospects won’t even notice!
  • 5 Ways to mesmerize an audience and have them beg you for more when you speak.

If you implement one of these powerful sales strategies,
your revenues could double in the first six months.

Dr. Don Burnham

How Much Does MOBE
Sales Summit Cost?

That’s the best part.

Remember when we did the simple math above?

If the powerful sales skills you learn at Sales Summit can help you close just one Diamond sale per month, you’ll earn an extra $120,000 per year.

And if they don’t help you to achieve just one extra sale per month, well, you weren’t paying attention!

And you can acquire this six-figure boost in your income all for just $2,997.

This is a bit of an IQ test for you.

Because that price is less than what you would make on just one single $5,500 sale.

That’s right, if all you ever do is make one additional $5,500 sale, you’ll make back your investment.

You’ll probably do that in less than 30 days!

But you’ll do much more.

If you really take notes, listen carefully and put the strategies you discover in place, you’ll skyrocket your business.

You’ll 3x, 5x maybe even 20x your business in 12 months or less.

Here’s How To Reserve Your Seat

We will be holding several Sales Summit events every year in different locations around the world.

On the next page, you’ll see an updated list of available events and all event details, including locations and venues.

You can reserve your seat for the event of your choice on the next page.

When all the seats for a certain event are taken we will mark it as “closed”–so reserve your seat now while you still can.

October 26-28, 2017 in Esterillos Este, Costa Rica
You’re Invited to the “Sales” Summit!

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One Final Word Of Caution ...

The tide has sucked out to the horizon ... are you chasing the deadly tide or heading to high ground?

Do you know what it means when the tide suddenly pulls way out into the ocean?

It means a Tsunami is about to hit.

It means disaster is about to strike.

The best thing to do when the tide pulls way out, is to grab your family, friends and valuables and head to high ground FAST.

Otherwise you’ll get washed away.

What does this mean to your online business?

Well, the tide has been pulling out on internet marketing for a while now.

Years ago, you could write a few good AdWords ads, throw up a squeeze page, and sell a Clickbank eBook and maybe send some emails upselling them to a bigger offer … and make a decent living … if you just learned a handful of skills … and optimized like crazy.


Good luck.

Those days are gone.

Selling online has gotten harder and harder. You can’t just learn a few skills you have to master many. And unless you’re Amazon, you’re not gonna make any money selling low-priced, low-profit items. (Is Amazon even making any money?)

The tide is sucking out to the ocean.

And many marketers just keep chasing it.

They keep running further and further into the deadly ocean.

“If I can just write a better ad … If I can just learn a few more AdWords tricks … If I can just test a few more landing pages … If I can just increase my sales page conversions … ”

Meanwhile the tsunami is getting ready to crush them.

The smartest guys I know in this industry are moving away from “death by optimization” as Perry Marshall puts it.

They’re selling more high-end consulting, selling more engagements with larger companies with deeper pockets, selling from the stage more, and writing more real books.

Old school stuff.

Sales stuff.

If you want to protect yourself from the coming tsunami, one of the most valuable skills you can take with you to “Higher Ground” is the skill to sell high-ticket items in a LIVE setting.

If you master that skill, you’ll be safe and dry while your competitors are getting washed away in the flood.

October 26-28, 2017 in Esterillos Este, Costa Rica
You’re Invited to the “Sales” Summit!

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Matt Lloyd