Platinum Mastermind Details February 2017
Details for the Upcoming Platinum Mastermind, February 2017 in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (February 17–23, 2017)

A 5-Day & 6-Night Business Building Retreat in Paradise

The Platinum Mastermind is an all-expenses paid 5-day, 6-night event
with all lodging, food, and entertainment included.

Final Registration Deadline is January 31, 2017


Before you register for Platinum, you should also review the Conversion Summit and the Stock Investing Summit (being held before and after Platinum at the same resort).

These summits are included in your Platinum Mastermind investment. Please decide which you would like to attend before you book your flights.

Conversion Summit February 15-17, 2017

The Conversion Summit will be extremely beneficial to your business. We’ll finish before the official Platinum Mastermind Welcome dinner begins on the night of February 17th. If you choose to attend the Conversion Summit, you’ll likely want to arrive at the resort on or before February 14th, so you have time to rest, and the summit will start the morning of the 15th.

***For the Conversion Summit, the event portion is free as a benefit of your Platinum Investment—as long as you register by choosing the Conversion Summit Ticket. However, your accommodations (Hotel room, food, etc.) during the summit will be at your own expense. We have arranged for you to enjoy our group rates if you register as our guest. See the section on additional nights in the hotel for more information. All additional nights in the hotel will be the responsibility of the attendee and must be paid directly to the hotel.***

Stock Investing Summit
February 23-25, 2017

The Stock Investing Summit will be extremely beneficial to your business. The dates for this will be February 23rd to the 25th. If you choose to attend the Stock Investing Summit, you will want to plan to depart the resort on or after the 26th.

***For the Stock Investing Summit, the event portion is free as a benefit of your Platinum Investment—as long as you register by choosing the Stock Investing Summit Ticket. However, your accommodations (Hotel room, food, etc.) during the summit will be at your own expense. We have arranged for you to enjoy our group rates if you register as our guest. See the section on additional nights in the hotel for more information. All additional nights in the hotel will be the responsibility of the attendee and must be paid directly to the hotel.***

The Venue

Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive & Spa

Our next Platinum Mastermind will be taking place from February  1723, 2017, at the beautiful Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive & Spa, in Mexico.

The charm and the warmth of this destination make Fiesta Americana one of the most attractive hotels in Bahía de Banderas.

The beautiful contemporary Mexican architecture blends the traditional Mexican styles of Jalisco state with the vibrant culture of Puerto Vallarta. The buildings harmonize perfectly with the landscape surrounding the Western Sierra Madre Mountains, and the most beautiful beach in Vallarta. Relax in the shade of the largest thatched-palm ''palapa'' roof in the region, admire the beautiful waterfall, and rest in comfortable rooms, functional suites, in an environment that favors relaxation.

To ensure that your stay is complete, culinary experiences and family fun are included. Savor the moment in the restaurants that will delight you by showcasing both regional and international cuisine.

Coastal Geography

Puerto Vallarta: the land of enchantment, the beautiful “Bay of Flags”, or “Bahia de Banderas” as it is known in Spanish. Geographically it is the largest Bay on the West Coast from San Francisco to Panama.

Puerto Vallarta lies on a narrow coastal plain at the foot of the Sierras Cuale and San Sebastián, parts of the Sierra Madre Occidental. The plain widens to the north, reaching its widest point along the Ameca river. Three rivers flow from the Sierra through the area. A number of arroyos also run from the Sierra to the coastal plain.


As a Platinum Mastermind partner, you already have exclusive rights to market the Platinum Mastermind program and make commissions on each of your sales. As an attendee at this event, you will also gain access to some of the smartest minds on the planet when it comes to marketing, branding, and personal development.

Event Dates

The first Platinum Mastermind conference for 2017 will be held in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, from February 17th through February 23rd, 2017.

You will want to arrive in Mexico on or before the afternoon of the 17th. (I strongly recommend you arrive a few days early, to extend your well-deserved break.)

We will have cocktails and a welcome dinner that night at 7:00pm for the entire group.

Day 1 of the Mastermind will begin on February 18th. The last full day will be February 22nd (including the Farewell Dinner). You’re then free to depart on the 23rd. To clarify, your accommodations will be covered from a check-in date of February 17th through a check-out date of February 23rd.


Our Mastermind events are known for having the most luxurious of accommodations. We carefully choose resorts that will provide the best experience for our guests by offering excellent food, spacious and comfortable rooms, and a level of customer service that will pamper each guest as if they are visiting royalty. For this mastermind, we have chosen the Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive & Spa.

Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive & Spa is the ideal place to experience major moments framed in stunning natural beauty, in total harmony with Mexican architecture. Fun, emotions, and delicious flavors are included to provide a unique stay in an environment full of comfort and relaxation. The hotel offers broad and functional rooms that provide spectacular views of the ocean, of the Bahía de Banderas, or of the city of Puerto Vallarta against the landscape below the Sierra Madre Mountains. Make yourself at home and begin to write your own history while you make the most of the All Inclusive privileges.

Who Can Attend

Your Platinum Investment MUST be fully funded before you can attend any Platinum Mastermind. If your Platinum Investment is not fully funded, you are not eligible for this event, and you must defer until the next one.

***Please NOTE: if you made your Platinum investment AFTER April 30, 2016, and you want to bring a guest–you MUST purchase a GUEST ticket prior to registering. In order to purchase a GUEST TICKET, please click below:


(If you made your Platinum investment prior to April 30, 2016, and it has been less than one year since your investment, your contract allows you to bring a guest at no additional cost.)

Your investment includes your hotel room from a check-in date of February 17th (the day of the Welcome dinner) through a check-out date of February 23rd (the day after the Farewell Dinner.) This is an All-Inclusive resort so all of your meals and beverages (including alcohol) are included during your stay. Other amenities that are not included, such as the Gift shop or the Spa may be enjoyed at your own expense. Those charges can be billed to your room and settled upon check-out.

NOTE: All additional guests and/or children will be the responsibility of the attendee.

  • PAID GUEST (see above): $1500 (paid PRIOR to registration)
  • Additional guest in your room: purchase a guest ticket above
  • Children 0 - 4: no charge
  • Children 5 - 12: $50 per night
  • Children 13 +: $143 per night

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend you look for Travel Insurance through your airline or travel agent in case you have an unexpected change in plans. Most travel insurance is relatively inexpensive but will offer you peace of mind if you have a flight delay or cancellation, family emergency, or last minute change of plans.

Make sure to review the policy to make sure it will meet your needs. Please remember if you are paying for extra nights at the hotel and cannot make it due to a flight cancellation or emergency you will still be responsible for your room charge (review cancellation policy). The right travel insurance should help cover these types of expenses.


High speed Internet Wi-fi will be included in your hotel room, in our Meeting rooms, and other Guest areas throughout the resort.

One Thing You Need To Know If You’re Attending

***We expect this Mastermind to reach its Maximum capacity.***

Final Registration is January 31, 2017–however, the registration will close sooner if we reach maximum capacity. Should that happen, you will have to defer your Platinum fulfillment until a later date.


Already Attended—But Want To Come Again?

If you have already fulfilled your Platinum membership trip at the retail price once and would like to attend a 2nd (or 3rd) Platinum Mastermind, you must purchase a ticket at the wholesale price PRIOR to registration.

To purchase a wholesale ticket, click below:


Want To Stay A Few Extra Nights At The Resort?

We have negotiated a group discount rate or the nights PRIOR to the Mastermind and the nights AFTER the Mastermind. If you just want to stay a few extra nights, you may take advantage of these rates.  Just let us know when you want to check in and when you want to check out. We will handle the reservation, pay for the Mastermind nights and you can pay the hotel for the extra nights.

This special discount rate will include accommodations only. All food during these additional nights will be on your own. Be sure to book early, our group rate is based on availability.

  • Single Occupancy - Deluxe room: $290/night (ALL INCLUSIVE)
  • Double Occupancy - Deluxe room: $170/person/night (ALL INCLUSIVE)
  • Triple Occupancy - Deluxe room: $143 /person/night (ALL INCLUSIVE)
  • Children 13 & up: Full adult price
  • Children 5 - 12: $50/person/night (ALL INCLUSIVE)
  • Children 0 - 4: No additional cost

How To Make Your Hotel Reservation

By clicking the REGISTER NOW button, you will secure your room and your seat for this Mastermind. Please note the hotel requires ALL guests to provide full name, the number of guests, full home address detail, email, phone number, arrival and departure dates. This information will be required in order to complete your registration form. Final Registration date is January 31, 2017–however, the registration will close sooner if we reach our maximum capacity. Should that happen, you will have to defer your Platinum fulfillment until a later date.


Platinum Mastermind Speakers

Matt Lloyd: CEO & Founder of MOBE

At age 29, Matt Lloyd sits at the helm of the premier home business company in the online marketing space.

Growing up on a farm in the Australian outback, he learned the value of hard work at a young age and was exposed to what went into building a business–and the idea that there were no hand-outs in life.

By the time he was in College, he’d already started dozens of small business’s–from selling Kangaroo furs, to farming marron, to mowing lawns, he was willing to try anything!

During those late college years, he came across a home business opportunity on the internet. Knowing nothing about online marketing, he became obsessed with figuring it out… but 9 months later, with over $40,000 invested and having dropped out of college, had still not made a single sale.

He kept persisting, and, slowly results started to show up.

In mid-2011, Matt created ‘MOBE’ as the solution to the biggest problems the industry was facing.

The company and community have continued to grow ever since.

Now an 8-figure / year business with over 150 staff, and over 10,000 active partners, the company puts on live masterminds all around the world for serious entrepreneurs.

Over 700,000 entrepreneurs subscribe to the MOBE list and have benefited from MOBE’s training and systems.

Dr. Don Burnham:
International Seminar Leader, Teacher, Life Coach And Author

Dr. Don Burnham quit his job over 45 years ago to invest and market his first business and never looked back or collected another pay check again. He has grown to understand the mind, the heart and the soul of an entrepreneur, as well as, the sales and marketing needed to be successful.

Simon Fagence:
Co-Founder of My Money Maximizers

With formal qualifications in both commerce and law, Simon Fagence is a highly respected adviser and consultant in the legal and accounting industry. Having spent more than 20 years as a specialist tax lawyer in several of the world’s largest accounting firms, including more than a decade as a specialist tax and business structuring partner, Simon made a career change in 2008.

W. Roger Salam:
Founder Of The Winner’s Circle

Wajed “Roger” Salam is an award-winning inspirational speaker, best-selling author of several books on sales & marketing and Real Estate investing courses. He’s been listed in America’s Premiere Experts and the recipient of “Thought Leader of The Year” award by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors.

Roger is the chairman and founder of The Winner’s Circle, the largest and most respected invitation-only Mastermind Forum for top level Real Estate gurus and business leaders and highly successful entrepreneurs.

More Speakers To Be Added Soon!


“Why Do I Need To Be At This Platinum Mastermind?
Why Can’t I Just Go To The Next One?”

Let me tell you a quick story. It was early 2010 ... I was in a top tier direct sales company, and I was doing just ‘ok.’ They also offered high-end Masterminds–with the highest one being $15,000, which I’d invested in a year before. It was scheduled to be held in about 2 months.

I wanted to go, but, a part of me thought, “I’m going to wait till I’m actually getting good results in this business, and, I have more money coming in. Then I’ll go.” I was in a tight spot financially–the airfare was about $2,000 from Australia, and even though I could have found that money if I really wanted to–I didn’t have it on hand. So I decided to go to the next one.

The ironic thing is, the ‘next one’ never came.

That company went out of business, and to this day I never got to go to that $15,000 Mastermind I invested in (and I never will).

It serves me right–the opportunity was right there in front of me, and I let it pass me by. I couldn’t see at the time how my thinking held me back (but in hindsight, with a lot more experience under my belt, I can see it as clear as daylight). I was allowing such a tiny, puny little thing (a lousy couple of grand) to stop me from going. It was easy to ‘put it off till later’–even though I knew deep down I should have gone. So I took the easy option.

5 Most Common Excuses For Not
Attending A Mastermind

My advice to you is this; don’t make this an ‘optional’ thing. Don’t think, “if I get a few sales … then I’ll go.” Or whatever your ‘if [insert condition] … then I’ll go’ excuse is. The people who do make the most money in MOBE don’t make excuses. They show up to all our live events, especially the Titanium and Platinum Masterminds, because they know it’s the best thing they can do for their business. Just decide right now that you’re going. Go to and book those flights.

Visiting Puerto Vallarta and Other Important Information

“What Kind Of Activities Will We Be Doing?”

Puerto Vallarta is a resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast, in Jalisco state. It is known for its beaches, water sports and nightlife scene. Its cobblestone center is home to the ornate Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church, boutique shops and a range of restaurants and bars. El Malecón is a beachside promenade with contemporary sculptures, as well as bars, lounges and nightclubs.

One of the most exciting parts of any MOBE Mastermind event is our incredible activities. Our goal is to offer you the chance to network with the entire group and the opportunity to try some once in a lifetime activities. We are still planning our activity options for this Mastermind.

STAY TUNED for more details on Activities

Flying Into Puerto Vallarta

Personally, I use to book most of my flights. Again–I recommend you arrive a day or two early, or stay a few extra nights, so you can really explore Puerto Vallarta and enjoy the place. During the Mastermind, we’ll be spending a good deal of time in training sessions. A few extra days will give you time to experience Mexico. The airport code for Puerto Vallarta is  -  PVR.

Once you arrive in Puerto Vallarta, transportation will be provided for you and your Guest within certain constraints. Please take note that we will ONLY be providing transportation for you and your guest between the Airport and the Resort.

Entry Requirements For Flying Into Mexico

You will need a visa if you are a citizen of:

Afghanistan, Albania, Algiers, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Benin, Bhutan Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Brunei, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, Chad, China, Colombia, Comoros, Congo, Congo, Rep. Dem (Zaire), Cote d’lvoire, Croatia, Cuba, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic, East Timor, Ecuador, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Fiji, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Grenada, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Haiti, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kiribati, Korea, North, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Lebanon, Lesotho, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malawi, Maldives, Mali, Marshall Islands, Mauritania, Mauritius, Micronesia, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar (Burma), Namibia, Nauru, Nepal, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Palestine, Papua New,Guinea, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Qatar, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Sahrawi Arab Dem. Rep., Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Salomon Islands, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia and Montenegro, Seychelles Islands, Sierra Leone, Somalia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Stateless Persons, Sudan, Surinam, Swaziland, Syria, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, The Bahamas, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Vietnam, Western Samoa, Yemen, Zaire, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Citizens of the following countries do not require a visa:

Andorra, Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong,* Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, The United States of America, Uruguay or Venezuela

*Chinese citizens with passports issued by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

U.S. citizens do not require a visa or a tourist card for tourist stays of 72 hours or less within the 20-30 kilometer “border zone”. U.S. citizens traveling as tourists beyond the “border zone”, or entering Mexico by air, must pay a fee to obtain a tourist card, also known as an FMM (Forma Migratoria Multiple), available from Mexican border crossing points, Mexican tourism offices, airports within the border zone and most airlines serving Mexico. The fee for the tourist card is generally included in the price of a plane ticket for travelers arriving by air. U.S. citizens fill out the FMM form; Mexican immigration retains the large portion and the traveler is given the small right-hand portion. Travelers should always carry a photocopy of their passport data page and FMM. Upon exiting the country at a Mexican Immigration (INM) departure checkpoint, U.S. citizens are required to turn in this form.

“What Documents Will Be Required?”

You can enter Mexico without a visa showing your passport and the “migration Form for Tourists, Transmigrants, Visiting Businesspersons, or Visiting Consultants”, which you can obtain from travel agencies, airlines, or at your point of entry into Mexico. This option also applies to legal permanent residents in the USA, Canada or Japan, regardless of nationality.

Under an agreement with Canada and the USA, those countries’ citizens may prove their nationality with a passport or other public documents, such as:

  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Voter registration card
  • Naturalization certificate

If any of these documents lack a photograph, travelers must prove their nationality with another official identification:

  • Driver’s license
  • Identification issued by a state or official agency.

Although Canadian and US citizens do not need a passport, the National Institute of Migration recommends one to expedite passage through the point of entry.

Important: From January 23, 2007, American citizens who travel to Mexico, to return to the United States airway they will have to present an in force passport.

Tourist Visas
If applying for a Tourist Visa you will need to submit the following documentation:

  • Passport with a minimum of 6 months’ validity.
  • Application form. 1 passport-size photo.
  • Original return ticket.
  • Fee (payable in cash only).
  • Proof of sufficient funds (US$50 per day) to cover the length of stay.

Postal applications must be accompanied by a covering letter specifying the purpose of the trip and the dates of entry and departure. Applications should be made in a stamped, self-addressed envelope with recorded or registered delivery.

Weather In Puerto Vallarta In February

Puerto Vallarta has a tropical savanna climate with dry winters.

The month of February is characterized by essentially constant daily high temperatures, with daily highs around 80°F throughout the month, exceeding 84°F or dropping below 76°F only one day in ten.You’ll see Puerto Vallarta at its best at this time of year, as temperatures usually stay in the mid-70s with very little rain. Light summer clothes are recommended for daytime while evenings can be cool–so pack long sleeves.

Daily low temperatures are around 62°F, falling below 57°F or exceeding 67°F only one day in ten.

“What Kind Of Clothes Should I Bring?”

Bring casual clothes, and, also one set of clothes for a formal dinner. The weather will be warm in the daytime and cool in the evening. Make sure you bring bathers, as well as some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty in (for the activities).  Please be sure to bring CLOSED TOED SHOES for the activities.

***Note: Sometimes in the seminar rooms, the air temperature will be too hot for some and too cold for others.  I recommend bringing a light jacket so that you will be comfortable either way.

“If I’m Bringing My Family—What Kind Of Things Can They Do During The Training Sessions?”

There will be plenty of things for your family to do both at the resort or nearby and in town. They can hang out at the pool, lay on the beach, or spend some time at the spa; or they can set up a tour to see the sights.

“Is Alcohol Included?”

I thought I would add this question in. YES, drinks are included with certain constraints, which will be explained when you check in. However–please drink in moderation during the Mastermind–because it’s important you’re alert for those morning sessions.

“Any Little Extra Things??”

  • Bring your laptop computer–you will need it and you will use it.
  • Bring a camera–preferably one that does both photos and video. You will have assignments to do—and you will want to capture lots of pictures and video of your experiences.

REMINDER: If you have already taken your original Platinum Mastermind trip but you want to attend another, please join us by purchasing a wholesale Platinum Mastermind ticket by clicking here.


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