Platinum Mastermind

Investing and Asset Protection
Business Building Retreat in Paradise

Get access to over 20-days of customized live training that will help you scale your business to 7-figures (and beyond) by investing and protecting your assets. Enjoy a tropical retreat while you learn from the most brilliant investment and asset protection minds on the planet though a core 5-day training program and additional advanced summits that cover prosperity mindset, real estate, precious metals, stock market and asset protection.

Learn How to Achieve & Maintain Wealth
At One of the World’s Most Luxurious
Wealth-Building Events

The Platinum Mastermind is a premiere wealth-building event, held at tropical locations like Costa Rica and Fiji. At Platinum, you will learn wealth building secrets from some of the wealthiest, most powerful mentors on the planet in an environment of unparalleled luxury and beauty.

Dear Small Business Owner,

Do you know what the difference between “rich” and “wealthy” is?

People sometimes use the two words synonymously, but there is a BIG difference … Rich people have money temporarily. Wealthy people have money forever.

You see, rich people don’t truly understand money. They may get “lucky” and have a few good years … but they spend their money just as fast as they make it. And once it stops coming in, they’re no longer rich.

On the other hand, a wealthy person can live for years (even decades) off of their savings and investments.

Now, if I asked you which you’d rather be—wealthy or rich—the answer is obviously wealthy. But if I asked you HOW to attain wealth, you probably wouldn’t have an answer.

That’s why I created the Platinum Mastermind … to show you HOW to achieve and maintain lasting wealth. Platinum is the next natural step in your progression from starting a business (Silver and Gold) to scaling your business (Titanium).

Now that you’ve learned how to generate reliable cash flow, you’re going to learn how to build a SECOND business with that cash at Platinum.

You see … everyone should have TWO businesses:

  • One that generates cash flow.
  • One that turns that cash into long-term wealth (through investments).

Here’s Why …

If you stop working in your first business, then you won’t have any cash coming in, and you will quickly deplete your savings.

(You’re basically living from paycheck to paycheck.)

But, if you build a 2nd business—where you invest some of your cash into various assets—then you will make money passively.

When you do this right, your money will work for YOU (not the other way around), and you will create lasting wealth.

And at the Platinum Mastermind, you’ll learn how to invest the right way.

At The Platinum Mastermind:

You’ll learn directly from some of the wealthiest mentors on the planet on asset protection, real estate, precious metals, and stocks.

You’ll also learn how to “reprogram” your mind to have a Prosperity Mindset.

You see, in order to achieve wealth and preserve it you need two things:

  • The proper mindset.
  • The “tools” for building wealth through real estate, precious metals, stocks, and asset protection.

And the Platinum Mastermind will give you both.

As a Platinum Mastermind member, you’ll get a complementary 6-night stay at the resort during the core training program, for you and a guest, which includes accommodation, food, drinks, activities as well as local airport pickup and drop-off.

You’ll learn from some of the wealthiest, most powerful mentors on the planet, but Platinum is not a “make money” seminar or “pitch fest.”

It is a mixture of training, intimate networking, and life-changing adventure.

Not only will you learn from some of the best minds in the world on subjects like wealth building, asset protection, and stock investing …

You will rub shoulders with them at meals, by the pool, and at the bar.

You can ask those questions 1-on-1 that you don’t want to ask “in public.”

You can hang out with them at the bar, where they’ll be much more willing to share their “secrets” with you after a couple drinks.

You will also participate in exhilarating outdoor activities like ziplining, snorkeling, and riding dune buggies.

For some attendees who have never seen a starfish or challenged their fear of heights, this can be life changing.

Platinum Is about Training and Transformation

It’s one thing to talk about your new lifestyle.

It’s completely different when you experience it.

That’s why we hold the Platinum Mastermind at 5-star luxury resorts like the Riu Palace in Costa Rica (the location of our 2014 Platinum Mastermind).

The Riu Palace is a modern, fully equipped resort on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica’s Guanacaste province. From breathtaking views to luxury suites, world-class restaurants, and unparalleled service, the Riu Palace is truly a “dream resort.”

The next Platinum event will be at a resort similar to this, in a location like Costa Rica with gorgeous beaches and perfect tropical weather.

Experiencing a luxury resort in paradise will make everything you’re learning about wealth more “real” and open up your mind to what is possible.

It’s the perfect backdrop for learning from (and meeting) people like:

As you can see, the caliber of Speakers at the Platinum Mastermind is unparalleled … and so is what they will be teaching you.

Here’s a Sample of What
You Might Learn at Platinum

  • Several easy and completely legal tax-saving strategies that allow you to potentially keep 15-35% more of your money.
  • How to “legally move” your money to safe, foreign locations, so you can keep more of what you earn.
  • The secrets of wealth attraction, including the concepts you need to internalize to get over negative subconscious ideas about money.
  • How to build wealth through passive cash flow from apartment buildings and other real estate investments.
  • How to get guaranteed fixed rates of return of 16% to 36% with U.S. Tax Lien Certificates (and how to roll returns into your self-directed IRA to build a tax-deferred “nest egg”).
  • How to use the “value investing” method to get 10% returns on the stock market without having to read charts every day.
  • How to protect your wealth with the safest asset in the history of mankind … precious metals (and how to find reputable dealers and avoid scams).
  • How to rollover funds from your IRA into a new precious metals IRA and keep your bullion in a private storage vault.
  • How to “reprogram” your mind for success, and approach everything in life with a prosperity mindset.

And much, much more …

Now, you will learn a ton of wealth-building secrets at the main Platinum Mastermind, but we can’t cover everything about these topics in just 5 days.

That’s why I’ve added additional Bonus Summits around the world that go into much greater depth.

As a Platinum Member, You Get 5
“Pillars of Wealth Creation”
Summits (For Free!)

It’s normally $2,997 to attend each of these 3-day Bonus Summits, but when you join Platinum, you can attend all 5 for free.

These Pillars of Wealth Creation Summits will go into greater depth on these topics so that you can build wealth even faster.

Note: The event portion of these 5 Bonus Summits is FREE when you join Platinum (but you are responsible for lodging and expenses).

To maximize your training experience, the bonus summits are tagged as 3-day events before and after the core training for a total of 11-days of training at each Platinum Mastermind event.

The bonus summits will rotate at each Platinum Mastermind. For example one mastermind will feature the Precious Metals and Prosperity Mindset Summits another will feature the Real Estate, Stock Market and/or Asset Protection Summits.

You may wish to fly back to attend the rest of the summits in person at a future date or you may also watch through live streaming from your home. As a Platinum Mastermind member you will have access to all future live streaming events so you can keep your skills up-to-date.

(When booking your flights and hotel reservations, make sure to include extra days for the summits).

See the Mastermind Schedule page for the upcoming masterminds.

At the Real Estate Investing Summit, you will get advanced training from some of the top real estate trainers on the planet.

Topics May Include:

  • “No Money Down” Strategies: There are dozens of ways to create wealth (and passive cash flow) through real estate WITHOUT using any of your savings (or risking your credit). Even if you have money, these strategies are great for wealth building.
  • Making Millions With Apartment Buildings: You’ll learn how to build wealth through passive cash flow from apartment buildings and other commercial properties.
  • How To Get All The Money You’ll Ever Need: You’ll learn how to find private lenders, and how to get them to fund all your deals (and thank you for it!).
  • How To Make 12% Interest Without Lifting A Finger: We’ll also teach you how to become a private lender and make 10-12% returns without lifting a finger.
  • Rehabbing Houses For Big Profits: Fixing up houses and reselling them can be extremely lucrative. Average profits range from $20,000 to $60,000 (or more) per deal. You’ll learn how to outsource most of the work (including repairs), so you can benefit from the cash without swinging the hammers.
  • [ADVANCED] Alternative Real Estate Investing Methods: There’s a lot more to real estate than what you see on TV. You may learn several “niche” strategies like mobile homes, land, subject-to, student housing, vacation rentals and HUDs. There is less competition in these niches, and they can be VERY profitable.

Note: It’s normally $2,997 to attend the Real Estate Investing Summit, but you can attend for free as a Platinum member. Full details here:

At the Precious Metals Investing Summit, you’ll learn directly from top precious metals experts about how to grow your wealth while protecting your family & retirement from the next financial crisis.

You’ll Learn Things Like:

  • How To Find Reputable Dealers & What to Buy: You’ll learn who the most reputable dealers around the world are and the most popular and recognizable bullion products, including the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Australian Kangaroo.
  • The Top 5 Gold & Silver “Scams” Of All Time & How to Avoid Them: You’ll learn the top 5 scams of all time including the “Bait and Switch,” the “Confiscation Con,” the “Numismatic Hype,” the “Proof Set Rip Off,” and the “Leverage Trap.” You’ll also learn how to spot these fakes using detectors like the Fisher device.
  • The Truth about Platinum and Palladium: Platinum and palladium can provide solid returns in addition to being a safe-haven investment. You’ll learn why global manufacturing growth is boosting demand for these metals and how to invest in them.
  • How to Safely Store Your Precious Metals: We’ll give you a list of the most secure, reputable vaults around the world, and also tell you where to find quality home safes.
  • Creating Your Personal Investment Plan: Some experts recommend your portfolio should contain as much as 50% to 70% precious metals, with more conservative advisors recommending 5% to 10%. It all depends on your specific situation. You’ll learn how to develop your personal plan and implement it quickly.

Note: It’s normally $2,997 to attend the Precious Metals Investing Summit, but you can attend for free as a Platinum member. Full details here:

You can’t achieve and maintain wealth without the proper mindset. If you currently have a “rich” mindset, your wealth will be fleeting, and you won’t be able to hold onto it for the long term.

At this Bonus Summit, you’ll learn how to “reprogram” your mind for success and approach everything in life with a Prosperity Mindset.

Topics May Include:

  • The “Time Vs. Money” Myth: You’ve been taught to relate value to time your whole life. This is a limiting belief that prevents 99% of people from achieving wealth. We’ll debunk this myth and show you how to achieve more wealth in less time.
  • The Philosophy of Wealth: You’ll learn the secrets of wealth attraction and the philosophies, concepts, and principles behind them. These ideas were popularized in the early 20th century by Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich, but the philosophy goes back as far as Descartes (and Aristotle before him).
  • The Truth About Millionaires: Wealthy people aren’t always the smartest guys (or gals) in the room. The difference lies in how they THINK about money. You’ll learn the 17 ways that wealthy people think about money differently than everyone else.
  • 5 Daily Habits of Wealthy People: You’ll learn the 5 daily habits of wealthy people including bank account management, smart spending habits, and investment research.

Note: It’s normally $2,997 to attend the Prosperity Mindset Summit, but you can attend for free as a Platinum member. Full details here:

At the Stock Investing Summit, you’ll get advanced training on the “value investing” method.

Value investing means buying stock in companies that the market has undervalued and then sticking with them for the long haul.

When you invest this way—in great companies with durable competitive advantages—you ignore “hot tips,” hype, and market hysteria.

You don’t have to pour over charts every day or worry about short-term fluctuations in the market.

And not only is value investing easier, but it’s also more effective. It’s been used by the greatest investors in history, including Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, John Bogle, and others.

For the Prosperity Mindset Summit, I’ve put together a group of experts to teach you things like:

  • The Value Investing Method: You’ll learn how to apply value investing, with a special focus on Warren Buffett’s application of this “common sense” method.
  • How to Identify Undervalued Stocks: We’ll walk you through several real life examples of undervalued stocks and show you how to analyze them.
  • Warren Buffett’s 12 Investing Tenets: You’ll learn the 12 Investing Tenets that Buffett uses to analyze companies including the “circle of competence” concept, his 3 management tenets, ROE (return on equity), and competitive advantage.
  • The Magic of Compound Interest: With compound interest, your investment grows at an increasing rate over time as returns are added back to your principal. This is one of the most powerful concepts in finance, and when you understand it, you’ll see why investing for the long-term is the best way to create wealth.
  • The Magic of Compound Interest: With compound interest, your investment grows at an increasing rate over time as returns are added back to your principal. This is one of the most powerful concepts in finance, and when you understand it, you’ll see why investing for the long-term is the best way to create wealth.

Note: It’s normally $2,997 to attend the Stock Investing Summit, but you can attend for free as a Platinum member. Full details here:

The easiest way to increase your net worth is by paying less in taxes. At the Asset Protection Summit, you’ll learn the same strategies used by the wealthiest people in the world to minimize their taxes.

Topics May Include:

  • The 7 Things You’re Probably Not Claiming As Expenses: There are dozens of expenses that you can claim as a business owner. You’ll learn the 7 most common expenses people forget to claim and how to claim them.
  • The Truth About Offshore Banking: Offshore banking is a powerful strategy IF done correctly. You’ll learn how to bank offshore in one of the few countries that still offers bank secrecy, and how to setup your accounts the right way.
  • Little-Known Tax Strategies For Expats: If you’re open to declaring legal residence in another country, you can save a significant amount in taxes. You’ll learn which foreign countries are the best to reside in and why.
  • How To Reduce Taxes With Offshore Companies & Trusts: If you’re doing business in U.S., Australia, or Europe chances are you’re paying too much in taxes. You’ll learn some of the best current offshore strategies for reducing your taxes and shielding your assets.
  • The 5 Flag Theory: By putting 5 different parts of your life citizenship, legal residence, business base, asset haven, and “playground” (where you spend your money)—under the jurisdictions of separate countries, you can greatly reduce what you pay in taxes. You’ll learn how to apply the 5 Flag Theory to your life (without losing your life).

Note: It’s normally $2,997 to attend the Asset Protection Summit, but you can attend for free as a Platinum member. Full details here:

Now, you might be wondering why I would give you 5 Bonus Summits for free.

Each of these events represents a huge cost to my company … the venue, the staff, paying speakers, etc.

So why am I doing this?

Well, the simple reason is that …

Going To Live Events Will Catapult Your
Success Faster Than Anything Else You Can Do

Events are the fastest way to get massive results, and I want you to be successful because when you succeed in MOBE, it helps my company grow and we both win.

Now, there are three reasons why events are so powerful:

  • Focus

    Studies have shown that when you focus on one task, your results are exponentially better than if you jump from project to project.

    This is why some of the most productive people in the world ignore their email and focus on one project at one time. At Platinum, we will be entirely focused on one major idea … building wealth.

  • Rejuvenation

    When you combine focused training for part of the day with “fun time” the rest of the day, your body and mind have a chance to “reset.” This not only makes the training “stick,” but it also makes your overall experience more fulfilling and enjoyable.

    At Platinum, part of each day will be dedicated to training, but we’ll also do fun outdoor activities like horseback riding and snorkeling … plus group meals and “relaxation” time at the bar.

  • Immersion

    Being around like-minded people with similar goals provides a built-in “support system” that reinforces everything you learn.

    When you watch a webinar at home with the kids running around, it can be hard to put the importance of what you’re learning into context. At Platinum, you’ll see first-hand how this training can directly improve your life.

Events will help you achieve your goals faster than almost anything else you can do, and Platinum is one of the best events on the planet dedicated exclusively to wealth-building.

When You Join Platinum, You Will:

  • Learn wealth-building secrets from some of the best mentors in the world, so you can build long-term wealth for the rest of your life.
  • Learn how to “reprogram” your mind for lasting success, so you can have the time and money to pursue your dreams and passions.
  • Be able to rub shoulders with multi-millionaires and “big thinkers” at meals, the bar, and the pool … you can ask them anything you like in these relaxed settings and who knows what they’ll “let slip” after a drink or two.
  • Build life-long relationships with major entrepreneurs and other Platinum members, so you can setup 6-figure Joint Ventures and share million dollar ideas.

Just imagine how achieving wealth because of Platinum would improve your life.

Imagine …

  • Having the freedom to live wherever you want and travel on a whim.
  • Saying goodbye to your “money worries” for good.
  • Being able to afford luxuries including vacation homes, boats, and RVs.
  • Not having to worry about your retirement.
  • Buying anything you want for yourself, your spouse, and your children.

Platinum can help get you there, just like it’s helped so many other people.

Platinum can also be a life-changing experience for you, but you have to take the first step and join.

When you do, you will get everything listed below.

Here’s Exactly What You Get
When You Join Platinum

  • Platinum Mastermind Wealth-Building Event

    This is the main Platinum Mastermind event, where you will learn wealth-building secrets from some of the wealthiest, most powerful mentors on the planet at a luxury resort in a tropical location. As a Platinum Mastermind member, you’ll get a complementary 6-night stay at the resort during the core training program, for you and a guest, which includes accommodation, food, drinks, activities as well as local airport pickup and drop-off.

    Note:  There are several Platinum Masterminds each year. You can choose whichever event is easier for you to travel to.

  • Five “Pillars of Wealth Creation” Bonus Events

    In addition to the main Platinum Mastermind, you will also get additional Pillars of Wealth Creation bonus summits where you will get in-depth training on Real Estate Investing, Stock Investing, Precious Metals Investing, Prosperity Mindset, and Asset Protection. The event portion for all events is 100% FREE to you as a Platinum member.

  • Platinum Certification

    Platinum Graduation Badge & Certificate:

    After attending Platinum, you’ll get a personalized badge and certificate. Our badges use Mozilla’s “Open Badges Project” so you can easily display them on your website, LinkedIn profile, in your email signature, etc. Plus, you’ll get a digital certificate in full color that you can print, frame, and display at your home or office.

    Access to Our Highest Level Mastermind

    After getting certified at Platinum, you will qualify to access our highest-level Diamond Mastermind. The Diamond Mastermind is a live, in-person 10-day event where you’ll learn how to exit your business for the biggest payday of your life. You’ll learn how to create and execute your exit strategy, and what do to after the sale to stay engaged (and make additional income).

8 Private Coaching Sessions With a Wealth Coach

I have people working with me that have been a part of all (or most) of my Platinum Masterminds. These “workhorses” have become experts in the same wealth-building techniques that you’ll be learning at the Mastermind. They have also worked with me side-by-side and know how I approach wealth creation.

I’ve selected a few of these highly qualified team members to become MOBE Wealth Coaches. These MOBE Mentors are as close as you’ll get to working directly with me, or another wealth building expert.

Your MOBE Wealth Coach Can Help You:

  • Fix parts of your investment strategies that aren’t working.
  • Help you increase returns on your existing investments.
  • Help you implement new wealth building strategies.
  • Answer any questions you have about the training at the Platinum Mastermind and the 5 Pillars of Wealth Creation Bonus Summits.

When you join Platinum, you will get 8 private coaching sessions with a MOBE Wealth Coach. These 1-on-1 sessions will be fulfilled over the phone or on Skype and last for 30 minutes each.

A Free Month in the Platinum “Inner Circle”

The Platinum Inner Circle is a $198/mo membership program that includes extra, up-to-the-minute training on powerful wealth-building strategies.

Here’s What You Get …

All Inner Circle Memberships

Your Platinum Inner Circle subscription “overrides” all the other Inner Circle memberships. You do not need to continue paying any other Inner Circle monthly fees, but everything that comes with the lower-level Inner Circles is included in the Platinum Inner Circle.

Platinum Inner
Circle Newsletter

($97 value)

This is a physical printed newsletter that arrives in your mailbox every month (you also get a digital version). Your Platinum Inner Circle Newsletter contains wealth-building strategies used by the rich to become permanently wealthy. Your newsletter will include everything from tax-savings strategies to unique investment opportunities.

“Ask The Wealth Expert” Call

($97 value)

Every two weeks (twice a month) you will get access to a new “Ask The Wealth Expert” live call. These experts will teach you how to start thinking long-term about your income, and how to build your wealth by looking at how you pay taxes, how you manage debt, and how you invest. You can ask any question you like on these calls and get a direct answer.

Note:  All calls will be archived.

Bi-Monthly “Wealth Building” Training
($97 value)

Every two weeks, we’ll feature another expert training on a different aspect of Wealth Building. You’ll get special access each week to your training from entrepreneurs that have taken their massive cash flow and turned it into wealth. These training calls are reserved for Platinum Members only, so the information shared will be extremely exclusive.

Platinum Member’s Area
($97 value)

In your exclusive Platinum Member’s Area, you’ll get private, specialized content, including access to archived expert content and additional training, not available in other Inner Circles.

You get everything above for free for the first month when you join Platinum; then it’s $198/mo after that.

Now, the membership is fee is nothing compared to the massive value you’ll be getting from your Inner Circle access.

But, with that said … you are under no obligation to continue paying if you decide you don’t want to (you can cancel at any time).

Now, there’s a lot here, and I know you’re excited to get started.

But before I tell you how to apply, I want to answer the most common question I get about the Platinum Mastermind

“What If I Don’t Have Any Money to Invest?”

If your business is not turning a profit yet, then you might think you don’t need to attend the Platinum Mastermind.

Forgive me for being so blunt … but that is a loser’s mindset.

If you don’t plan to be wealthy (and understand from the very beginning how to achieve wealth) then you’ve already set yourself up for failure.

Even if you just started your first business, you need to understand these concepts for 3 important reasons.

Reason #1: Compound Interest

At the Platinum Mastermind, you’ll learn how to invest in stocks and other assets the right way (even if you don’t have much money). With compound interest, small investments today can turn into tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars later. For example, if you invest just $3 per day into the stock market, it could turn into nearly $200,000 in 30 years! (Based on the S&P 500’s historical average return of 10% per year.) Try this yourself with the compound interest calculator: Here

Reason #2: You Will Be Setup for Success

Studies have shown that when you visualize something, you stimulate the same parts of your brain that are used when you perform that action. This is why the best athletes in the world visualize what they want to do before they do it (make a basketball shot, swing a golf club, etc.). The same concept applies to wealth creation. When you visualize yourself being wealthy, you will program your mind to expect wealth, and you will subconsciously make decisions that will lead you to wealth. And there’s no better place to visualize your wealth than the Platinum Mastermind, where you will:

  • Focus exclusively on your wealth.
  • Hang out with wealthy people.
  • Learn from some of the top wealth building experts on the planet.
  • Stay at a 5-star resort that is a physical representation of wealth!

Reason #3: Avoiding Costly Mistakes

When I started my first business in early 2009, I had no idea what I was doing. I set up a sole proprietorship in Australia (rather than a company) because it was cheaper and I didn’t think it would matter.

And in the beginning, it didn’t matter, … I wasn’t making enough income. But then, as I started to gain momentum, cash started coming in very fast.

I had my first $15,000 month. Then a $45,000 month … then a $81,000 month. Within a year, I was consistently generating $100s of $1000s per month.

But since I set up my business under the wrong vehicle, I ended up paying several hundred thousand dollars in extra taxes that I didn’t need to.

Now … had I gone to a mastermind like Platinum, I would have known how to setup my company the right way.

I would have probably saved myself hundreds of thousands of dollars. I’ve gotten over this mistake, but it would have crippled most business owners.

And no matter who you are—a brand-new entrepreneur or a seasoned business owner—I guarantee there are some “cracks” in your business that you’re missing (no one is perfect).

The Platinum Mastermind will shed light on things you may be doing wrong, so you can avoid costly mistakes like mine.


Here’s How To Apply For
The Platinum Mastermind

If you are truly committed to being wealthy, then you need to apply for the Platinum Mastermind right now ...

WARNING: We can only accept a LIMITED number of people into Platinum at any given time.

There is a physical limit to the number of people we can accept at our business-building retreats in order to keep them intimate. So act on this now to reserve your spot at the next Platinum Mastermind and get certified at the Platinum level. Click on the button below to apply.


After you apply, one of my coaches will give you a call to discuss your application.

This is a no-pressure call—you and the coach will go over the program to make sure Platinum is a good fit for you

After you go over all the details with your coach, they will let you know what the next steps are for moving forward.

See you at Platinum,

Matt Lloyd

P.S. Remember, the Platinum Mastermind gives you access to over 20-days of customized live training that will help you scale your business. The curriculum is divided into a core 5-day program plus 5 additional 3-day bonus summits that cover more advanced topics like prosperity mindset, real estate, precious metals, stock market and asset protection.

As a Platinum Mastermind member, you’ll get a complementary 6-night stay at a luxury resort during the core training program, for you and a guest, which includes accommodation, food, drinks, activities as well as local airport pickup and drop-off.

You’ll learn about asset protection, creating wealth through investments in real estate, precious metals, and stocks, and adopting a prosperity mindset.

You will also get the 5 “Pillars of Wealth Creation” Bonus Summits … Platinum Certification … 10 private coaching sessions with a MOBE Wealth Coach … and 30 free days in the Platinum Inner Circle! In short … you will get everything you need to create lasting wealth, so you will have the time, freedom, and income to live the life of your dreams.

Listen To A Few Of Our Members’ Experiences: