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From the desk of Matt Lloyd
MOBE HQ, Kuala Lumpur

Dear Online Marketing Professional,

If you’ve ever wanted marketing videos that convert more visitors to leads and buyers, I have an extremely exciting announcement to make to you today.

I’m Opening The Doors To The MOBE Film Studio For You

You probably know the story of MOBE–how we’ve gone from zero to over $50 million in sales, helped thousands of people start online businesses, and paid out over $25 million in commissions.

What you may not have considered is the studio where we’ve been doing many of our videos. We’ve spent around $50,000 on the latest sets, cameras, equipment and software to build a professional studio environment for one reason:

To create high quality, stunning, professional videos.

I believe our videos are among the most professional and best-looking in this industry. Until now, I’ve been quietly using this studio to make these videos for MOBE, so that you have the most entertaining and professional videos I can provide.

Now We’re Making The MOBE Studio–And My Film Crew–Available To Make High Quality, Professional Videos For You

This is some recent feedback I got from client Martin Howley, who recently had his Film Day and sent me this email after receiving the completed videos from us:

If you’ve ever tried to make a webcam video at home or shot an unsteady video with your iPhone, you were probably unhappy with the results. And your visitors can spot a budget production a mile off–and while you may have the best information in the world, a low budget video will cost you sales. That’s why I am opening up the MOBE Studio to my valued clients and customers, so you can get the kind of high quality, professional marketing videos that will ‘wow’ your visitors and convert more of them into buyers.

Watch What Some Recent Film Day Clients Had To Say About Their Experience In The MOBE Studio:

This Is What It Might Cost You To Put A Setup Like This Together And Make Your Own Marketing Videos:

There is more to the making of these videos than meets the eye ...

  • Professional Studio–Most professional studios are charging upwards of $750 for a day’s rental. And any equipment they provide will be an add-on cost to you at a premium level.
    Average Fee: $750 Per Day
  • Teleprompter–Unless you can remember minutes or even hours worth of scripts, you are going to need a teleprompter. It’s the device that scrolls through your script on a display, so you don’t have to memorize the whole thing.
    Average Rental Price: $450 Per Day
  • Professional Camera–We use a Canon 5d Mark III professional camera and a few similar cameras–this is the device responsible for the incredible videos you can see on this page. You can rent these, but you usually have to rent the lens separately or purchase one.
    Average Rental Price: $50+ Per Day without the lens
    Additional Cameras:
    1 Sony A7sii
    2 Sony A7rii
    3 Sony FS5
    4 Sony 90mm 2.8 Lens
    5 Sony 18-55mm 4 Lens
    6 Go Pro 3
    7 Go Pro 4 Hero

    1 Phantom 4 Drone
    2 Dji Inspire Drone
  • Lighting Equipment–Get this wrong and your video will look either lifeless and dull or brightly washed out. You need to make sure you have the perfect lighting for your environment and situation–but it’s not cheap. We provide 7 different kinds of professional studio lighting.
    Average Rental Price: $40 x 7 = $280 Per Day
    Additional Lighting
    2 4 Bank Kino Flows - Daylight
  • Microphones–If you’ve been using a basic computer headset to record videos–you’ll be amazed at the richness and clarity of your voice when it’s professionally recorded with top shelf equipment. We provide 4 different types of microphones.
    Average Rental Price: $10 x 4 = $40 Per Day
    Additional Audio
    H4n and H6n Zoom recorders
    ATEM Production Studio 4k ability to Livestream
  • Professional Film Crew–This is where your costs really start to mount up! It’s one thing to hire a piece of hardware–but paying highly skilled professionals to work with you for a day is expensive. The two people you need as a minimum are a professional videographer and a professional film editor. These are the critical people we use to film your videos in the studio or on location, and then edit the videos to make them look a million dollars. I hire only the best professionals for MOBE and for you.
    Average Hire Fee: $400 x 2 = $800 Per Day
  • Video Editing and Production–Here’s another resource-intensive process that takes a lot of work–and therefore costs a lot of money. In fact editing one minute of video can take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. And at an average of $150 an hour, even a brief marketing video will not be cheap to edit.

    Let’s be super conservative and assume a discount to $125 an hour, and we’ll work fast to edit a minute of video in 20 mins.This would mean your 5-minute marketing video would cost around $5,000 to edit and produce. And that’s under normal circumstances when time is not a factor–but we are offering to have the completed video delivered to you with 7 days.
    Average Fee: $5,000 Per 5 Minutes Of Video
    Multiple Sets
    Ability to Green screen and add high end professional graphics to your final video, sound effects, motion graphics
    3 Macintosh editing stations
    Software: Adobe Premiere
  • Then there’s the Video Script–The only reason for you to make a marketing video is to sell! However–the only way to do that effectively is with a script that sells. This has to be written by an experienced MOBE copywriter so that your video does not miss the mark when it comes to your prospect’s needs, wants and desires. Our copywriter will work with you to produce a cash-spitting video script that takes your prospects from merely interested, to pulling out their credit cards.

    Understand this: You are the expert in your field–but that doesn’t automatically translate into the ability to sell in video. Our copywriters do this every day of the year–they know your prospects and they know how to push their buying buttons. Your script will sell–but if you have ever tried to hire a reputable copywriter, you’ll be painfully aware of their charges. Most good ones are asking anywhere from $5,000 and up for a marketing video script.
    Average Fee: $5,000+ Per Script

All these components go into the making of a high-quality professional video that will transform your business and your life. I don’t say this lightly–I was failing online until I discovered this strategy–since that day MOBE has paid out over $25 million dollars to affiliates all over the world, and these videos have contributed significantly. I don’t say this to impress you–I say it to impress upon you the fact that one simple tactic change like this could result in a surge of leads and sales the likes of which you have never seen. I’ve proven it before–and I’ll prove it again.

Here’s A Small Sample Of The Kind Of Marketing Videos My Team Creates On A Regular Basis—And The Kind Of Video We Are Going To Make For YOU:

Testimonial Video

Testimonial Video

Landing Page Video

Landing Page Video

Now you may be thinking this is all going to take an eternity. It does sound like an involved and comprehensive process (and it is—for us) but here’s the best part …

Your Videos Will Be Fully Edited And Delivered To You In High Definition In Just 7 Days!

We know you want your videos fast–so we make sure you get them as soon as possible. You don’t want to wait, and we don’t want to hold you up. This is why we make sure you get your brand new high-quality professional marketing videos within 7 days of your recording session.

Once this happens–they’re yours to use as you wish:

  • For MOBE Affiliates–Professional videos will boost your affiliate commissions by a big margin–without you driving any more traffic to your funnels.
  • If You Have Your Own Product–Your opt-in pages, sales pages and webinars will easily generate more leads and sales.
  • For Personal Branding–Share your video with people to brand yourself with your target market. You must look professional for this.
  • For Positioning–A jaw-dropping professional video will automatically give you ‘expert status’ in the eyes of your prospects and customers.
  • For Information Businesses–These videos will really set you apart from all the other ‘instant experts’ who have set up shop online and called themselves gurus. Your visitors do compare videos, and yours will pass with flying colors.
  • For ‘Offline’ Businesses–If you’re not using online video, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of your target market. People are searching for local businesses online–and when they see these videos, they’ll call you.

An important point to remember–you will have unlimited usage rights to your videos. You can deploy them in any way you see fit. And you will not owe MOBE or our film crew another cent in royalties. They’re yours forever.

Below are the different packages available:

Half-Day Film Package

Best Package For: Individuals looking for a few short, but powerful videos.

If you’re looking for a low-cost, high-quality marketing video but don’t know how to get started–this could be the package for you. With the MOBE Studios Half-Day Film Package, you can shoot one or more professional marketing videos to use in your business.

You Get: 5 hours studio time with our full-time film crew and professional equipment to create some of the most powerful and profitable marketing tools your business has ever seen.

Even if you’ve never stood before a camera before–we’ll make it dead simple. Our film crew will be there to take your hand and guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Just think what you could do with some blockbuster videos in your marketing:

  • You Can Make Serious Money In Just A Few Hours Per Week–Even if you don’t work for the rest of the month!
  • You Will Definitely Grab The Attention Of Your Marketplace–Your videos could even go viral.
  • There’s No Selling To Do–The videos do it for you. If you don’t want to make sales calls, this is the answer.
  • You Won’t Need Any Technical Or ‘Showbiz’ Knowledge–Our film crew will take care of everything. from lighting to sets to editing. You just show up and talk!

There really is no downside to this–once you have a set of high quality, professional videos in your marketing arsenal you can utilize them at any time for any reason. You will have full and exclusive rights to them and will never owe MOBE another cent in royalties.

You can shoot:

  • Promotional videos for MOBE products and masterminds
  • List-building opt-in page videos
  • Video sales presentations that could make you rich
  • Product review videos that amaze your viewers
  • Content rich educational videos for your customers

Everything will be professionally recorded and executed in the MOBE studio, so your prospects will be absolutely blown away by the professional quality of your video.

Including film crew and equipment, editing and script writing, you would be looking at a total investment of $13,120 if you bring it all together yourself. And that’s for just 5 minutes of video–but I imagine you would want to make longer videos or even multiple videos.

Fortunately, MOBE can save you thousands of dollars–and many hours of work. We’ll do it all for you–and at a deep discount.

However–it gets better. I wanted to provide you with even more tools to promote your MOBE business …

Full-Day Film Package

Best Package For: Entrepreneurs who are serious about converting far more visitors into opt-ins and buyers.

When you book your Full-Day Film Package, you get everything in the Half-Day Film Package–plus two powerful branding videos:

  • Personal Branding Video–This is crucial to your success if you want to be recognized online as the expert in your field. The secret to success in this industry is to tell your story–and tell it well. With the Full-Day Film Package, we will not only film and produce your Personal Branding Video - but we will also create a powerful compelling script that tells your story, positions you as the expert and connects with your prospects.
  • Company Branding Video–This is where you can show the world what your company stands for and how it can improve the lives of your customers. This video describes the benefits of doing business with your company, your expertise and your company’s vision. This video will demonstrate that your company is real and making a difference. It will grab your prospects’ interest and force them to take action.

And Of Course We Will Write Powerful And Compelling Scripts For Both Videos For You

Your Video Script Is Critical–These are the words that either succeed or fail to convince your visitor to trust you and to purchase. Remember, being an expert in your field does not automatically mean you'll be an expert video script writer. Even if you are–leave that to our trained copywriters.

However–when you are ready to step up and really get serious about your online marketing, I have one final package that will put everything in place for you ...

Three-Day Film Package

Best Package For: People who want to be the guru.

Back in 2004, Internet Marketer John Reese launched his original Traffic Secrets course–and sold $1 million dollars worth of his product in one day. The next year Frank Kern sold seminar tickets worth $530,000–in 9 minutes. Later he did a launch that sold over $14 million dollars in one day, in the dating niche. Others like Jeff Walker have attained similar heights and enjoyed massive success online. Their exploits are the stuff of internet marketing legend.

What made the difference that allowed them to rake in such huge amounts of money in hardly any time at all?

Was it their glowing personalities? Did they have millions of people on their email lists? Or did they invent a brand new product that everybody loved and needed right away?

None of these things are true. The key to success in all these success stories is the launch. This is why, for serious marketers only, we want to put together a launch package especially for you.

You Need These Powerful Launch Videos Strategically Designed To Launch Your Online Business On The Market With A Bang

  • Each of your videos will be strategically designed for a specific purpose–each video will lead your prospect through the process of becoming a customer.
  • This means you will have the most crucial element of your sales funnel done for you–so you can finally get your product launch off the ground.
  • You can them use this sales funnel over and over again without any limitations–you own the rights and you can deploy it at will, anytime you want to bring in new customers.
  • Your entire marketing structure will take on a more professional look and your customers will perceive everything you do to be of higher quality–and buy from you in greater numbers than ever before.
  • The actual number of videos will depend on your needs, what you want to achieve, and how quickly you can work in the MOBE Studio.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to be a Frank Kern or Jeff Walker to pull off a profitable launch. Let’s say you deploy your new funnel with your high-quality professional videos once a month and make $10,000 in commissions.

What Kind Of Difference Would An Extra $10,000 A Month Make To Your Life?

Would that be enough to take care of a few bills? How about traveling to a few of your favorite vacation destinations? Or buying a few new toys for the home or office. How about doing one launch the first week of the month–then take the next 3 weeks off to travel the world. Or the next 3 months?

These launch videos could mean the difference between struggling along doing what you’re doing now–or making enough money to finally get off the treadmill and into the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of. Isn’t that why you got into Internet marketing in the first place?

Here’s your chance …

More Feedback From MOBE Clients Who Have Traveled To Kuala Lumpur And Had Professional Marketing Videos Done For Them:

We Can Even Come To YOU!

If you don't want to travel to the Kuala Lumpur Studio–we can come to you! All you need to do is choose your preferred package and cover our travel, and we’ll shoot at the location of your choice.

Simply go to and contact me for a quote.

“Wow–These Videos Are Just What My Marketing Needs, Matt … How Much Are They?”

I thought long and hard about the investment for these videos ...

1. I don’t want to put these videos out of reach for anyone because of the price–I strongly believe that if you are selling a quality product (and if you’re promoting MOBE products then you are)–you do your prospects a disservice if you frighten them away with poor quality marketing. I want every person who runs an honest business to be able to have professional videos to use to improve their bottom line. However …

2. I have some serious hard costs providing this service.  I’ve paid for the studio, for the film crew to be here, for all the professional equipment, this is not a cheap service to provide. Then I’ve got the fees associated with my team spending three full days in the studio editing your videos.

Listen–the cost of you organizing this without my team and studio is prohibitive–we worked it out to be around $13,120 per video–so simply multiply that figure by the number of videos you want and that’s what it'll cost you ...

Unless you work with us.

But I won’t be asking anywhere near that much. I have put together a very simple and easy to understand pricing structure which offers this powerful media to anyone serious about getting ahead online.

Here’s How You Can Get Your Own High Quality Professional Videos Done For You:

Half Day Film Package
  • Equipment Hire
  • Film Crew Hire
  • Script Writing
  • 7 Day Delivery
  • 5 Hrs Studio Hire
  • .
Book Below
3 Day Film Package
  • Equipment Hire
  • Film Crew Hire
  • Script Writing
  • 7 Day Delivery
  • 3 Days Studio Hire
  • Full Launch Video Sequence
Book Below

Please Be Aware: The MOBE Studio Is Generally Booked Up To 6 Months In Advance

If we don’t have a client using the studio–we’ll be in there making more top quality videos ourselves.

So you’ll need to book your preferred date well in advance to avoid disappointment.

When you are ready to amaze your visitors and smash the competition, click on the relevant button and organize your date with the MOBE Studio. Your marketing will never be the same again.

Warm regards,


P.S. This letter shows you how to amaze and convert your visitors–so please go back to the top, read every word and act on the advice I’ve given you here. It could mean the difference between success and failure.

P.P.S. Please understand the value of each package–to organize even one video shoot yourself would not only cost far more money–it would be a hugely time consuming and demanding project. Why not let my film crew do all the hard work for you? We’ve already got all the resources you’ll need and it’s all done for you.

P.P.P.S. One of the main reasons I built MOBE into a $50 million dollar company–I looked at what other successful entrepreneurs were doing and I ‘modeled’ them. I didn’t reinvent the wheel–and neither should you. You may not do a million dollar launch tomorrow–but you can certainly build up to that level–by getting started now.