5 Years From Now, Will You Still Be Slaving 50+ Hours Per Week Into Your Business Like It’s A JOB?

Or Will You Achieve True Freedom By Selling Your Business For Millions, Charging Your Clients 6-Figure Consulting Fees And Reaping 20%+ Returns On Your Business Investments?

matt-standDear Online Entrepreneur,

In 1952, two brothers named Richard and Maurice opened a hamburger joint in San Bernardino, California.

Business was good, and the brothers profitably sold a simple menu of burgers, French fries, shakes, soda, and apple pies.

Then in 1954, a man named Ray Kroc, a milkshake machine salesman, visited the restaurant.

When Ray walked through the door, and saw their “assembly line” way of making hamburgers, a light bulb went off in his head.

He soon secured the rights to franchise the restaurant called (you guessed it) McDonald’s.

Over the next several years McDonald’s expanded rapidly and by 1963 the chain had sold its billionth burger.

Today, McDonald’s is the largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants in the world, serving around 68 million customers daily in over 119 countries.

But what’s even more impressive is that McDonald’s has over 30,000 franchisees, operating their own restaurants using Ray Kroc’s system.

You see, what Ray Kroc saw when he walked into that hamburger joint was not a restaurant, but a SYSTEM that could be duplicated … and SOLD.

The success of McDonald’s is due to Ray Kroc’s obsession with optimizing this system to deliver the same food in the same amount of time at every McDonald’s in the world.

He knew that if he opened up this system to the right people (his franchisees) the growth potential was virtually limitless.

So Ray focused his time on developing his business model.

And looking back on his success we can see just how powerful his vision was.

Now, you might be wondering …

What Does McDonald’s Have to Do with You?

Like Ray Kroc, you must never forget that your end goal is to sell your business.

For Ray, his end “customer” was a franchisee.

In other words, he didn’t sell hamburgers. He sold businesses.

And Ray Kroc had tens of thousands of buyers, because his business model was the most reliable system for making money in the restaurant business.

As an entrepreneur, you must learn from Ray Kroc and plan to sell your business from Day One.

The thing is … most business owners (new and old), don’t have a plan to sell their business.

That’s why I created the Diamond Inner Circle.

This is the end goal we’ve been leading up to through the entire MOBE Core Curriculum.

From getting you ready psychologically with Silver, to building your Customer Acquisition Process in Gold, to scaling with Titanium to investing in Platinum.

At this final stage of your MOBE business education, there are three roads ahead. All of them profitable. All of them potential multi-million dollar endeavors.

And in each issue of the Diamond Inner Circle we’ll address aspects of all three …

Here’s What’s Inside Each Issue …

Maximizing Your “Exit” Payday

Maximize-Your-Exit-PaydayYou’ll be taught things like:

  • How to create and execute an exit strategy
  • How to build a marketing plan to attract buyers
  • How to negotiate the best price and get your big “payday”
  • How to put together a stellar exit strategy team, so you can focus on what you enjoy doing (growing your business up to the sale)
  • How to create a timeline for your exit strategy and set goals for your team
  • How to make sure you’re covered legally with all the proper agreements and documents
  • How to estimate the value of your business, so you don’t enter any negotiation “blind”
  • How to increase the value of your business by $5 to $10 million or more!
  • How to put together a marketing plan to attract potential buyers
  • How to get buyers chasing you down (not the other way around) by having proper documentation
  • How to “sell” your business for top dollar by having everything in place and knowing the rules of negotiation

Selling your business will set you up for the rest of your life, but what about your children? Depending on your age, it may be time to think about your legacy and what you will leave to your children and grandchildren.

  • How to setup a “living irrevocable trust fund” that disperses funds when certain conditions are met (so that a lump sum inheritance isn’t used irresponsibly)
  • The most important things you need to know about estate planning, life insurance, and taxes and other expenses

Every month you’ll receive the latest, greatest ideas for maximizing your payday from selling your business to insure your family’s financial future for decades to come. But what happens after you sell?

How to Get Paid Substantial Fees as a Consultant

After selling their businesses, some people turn around and start another business right away.

Others “pivot” and get paid for sharing their knowledge with the world as a consultant, speaker, or trainer.

The Diamond Inner Circle articles will show you how you can charge substantial fees as a consultant and potentially make more money in one hour than the average person makes in an entire week at their 9 to 5 job!

Being a highly paid consultant is the most lucrative thing you can do (legally). You have zero overheads and insane profit margins (your only cost is your phone!)

According to a recent Forbes article, online learning or “e-learning” is poised to become a $100 billion per year industry (worldwide).

Every day, people spend millions of dollars for digital training products on everything from photography to design to Facebook marketing.

You can capitalize on this trend by turning your knowledge into training products.

All you have to do is take what you already know and write it down. Or (if you’re not a writer), you can record it on video, or recite it and have it transcribed.

Now, if you’re thinking, “I don’t have any valuable knowledge that people would pay for!” then you haven’t been paying attention.

The fact that you started, grew, scaled, and sold a profitable business puts you in the top 1% of all entrepreneurs!

And each issue of the Diamond Inner Circle will help you take that knowledge that you already possess and leverage it into 4-, 5- and even 6-figure consulting engagements.

You’ll learn things like:

  • How to structure royalty/equity deals and get paid a percentage of revenue that you help clients generate
  • Why being a highly paid consultant is the most lucrative thing you can do legally (you have zero overhead … you only cost is your phone!)
  • How take what you already know and “put it down” on paper (or video)
  • Why you have specialized knowledge that is worth thousands of dollars…and how to identify that knowledge
  • How to turn your ideas into a real training product and how to market it

How to hire professional camera crews to help you create your product, craft your sales message, shoot marketing videos, and put together a sales funnel.

How to Earn 20%+ Returns Investing in Businesses

In addition to (or instead of) consulting other business owners, you can invest in other businesses.

This is a different type of investing than what you learned at Platinum.

You’ll learn:

  • How to invest in businesses in your field, and get a large return when they go public or are sold (if done right, you can earn a 20% per year return on your investment)
  • How to help build the value of these businesses with your advice and professional connections
  • How to increase your chances of success by staying within what Warren Buffett calls your “circle of competence.” Warren Buffett has famously avoided tech stocks because he doesn’t understand that industry. You should “stick with what you know” and invest only in businesses where you fully understand the products and services they sell.

Every Diamond Inner Circle issue will include articles from the world’s savviest investors about how to identify, invest in, and maximize your return from other businesses within your industry.

“What If I’m Not Ready To Sell My Business?”

If you’re busy running your business, then selling is probably the LAST thing on your mind.

But here’s the thing … you should start planning to exit your business on the very FIRST day you start it.

Who knows … your industry could experience a major shift that threatens to make you obsolete (like how Netflix.com made Blockbuster Video obsolete).

That way you’re ready if sales flat line, the industry shifts, or a better opportunity comes your way.

As soon as your business is up and running, you should be planning to scale it and sell it for as much as you can.

That requires planning and documentation even in the EARLY stages of your business.

Even if you don’t plan on selling your business for 5 to 10 years, you still need to operate your business as if it’s going to be sold tomorrow (with all the documentation and systems in place that a buyer wants to see).

By joining the Diamond Inner Circle, you’ll stay informed about how to get your Exit Strategy in place and sell your business for the biggest payday of your life.

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Will You Still Be Working a J.O.B in 10 Years?

When Ray Kroc walked into that McDonald’s for the first time he didn’t see a place that sold hamburgers.

He saw a system that he could sell.

That’s how the most successful entrepreneurs think.

“How do I build a system that someone else will pay a lot of money to buy?”

Here’s a great way to tell if your business is something someone else would want to buy …

How well does your business run without you?

If you have to work 40 hours per week in your business, it’s not something anyone else would want to buy.

Nobody wants to buy a job.

But if you can turn your business into a SYSTEM that hauls in money even when you’re not around … well … that’s a system anyone would pay big money for.

That’s what Diamond Inner Circle is all about.

Transforming your business into a system and getting you the maximum payday from selling it!

It’s time to stop serving hamburgers and start building a system you can sell for millions.




1 FREE Issue (+$9.55 Shipping)
$295/month (after 30 days)

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1 Year Up Front–$2360
12 issues for price of 8 (save $1180!)

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