Rock Star Affiliate Manager
To Lead $150 Million Program

This is your dream job if… you want to travel the world, work with cool, successful people, and make boatloads of money.


Some would call this their “dream job.”

Others would say (without exaggeration) that it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

As the Affiliate Manager for MOBE:

  • You get to manage one of the most successful (and fastest-growing) affiliate programs in the world
  • You get to travel the world, and work in exotic locations like Costa Rica, Fiji, and Kuala Lumpur
  • You get to meet multi-millionaires, best-selling authors, 7-figure affiliates, and world-renowned speakers
  • You get to collaborate with smart, cool team members in our modern MOBE Office
  • You will make valuable business connections, and gain experience that could launch a career
  • And… you can make a LOT of money with our performance-based compensation plan

If you want to experience more, do more, be more, and live a BIGGER life, then this position is for you. Keep reading…

Who We Are

MOBE is an international training company for small business owners and entrepreneurs, with one of the most successful affiliate programs in the world. To date, our program has generated over $150 million and paid out over $75 million in commissions (mostly in the last 3 years).

Despite these huge numbers, we’re just getting warmed up. Our industry can support much more volume, and we’re continually breaking our own records. Point being… you’re joining a winning team that’s only going to get better!


The core MOBE team is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – a bustling city with lots of ex-pats (including Americans, Aussies, and Brits) and plenty to do, including bars, restaurants, and major shopping centers.

You’ll be working closely with me (Matt Lloyd, Founder of MOBE) and our team of about 50 at the MOBE Office, a hip office with a cool startup feel in the heart of the city.

Who You Are

Your main role is to manage relationships with key affiliates, and help increase sales across the board for our affiliate program. You should have experience managing affiliates and being an affiliate yourself.

You should also have basic Internet Marketing skills, including an understanding of PPC, banner ads, email marketing, and affiliate tracking.

However, if you’re light on experience, that doesn’t immediately disqualify you. As important as experience is attitude. If you have the right attitude, mindset, and drive for this job, then you may beat out someone with an extra year or two of experience.

Here are the qualities we are looking for:

  • Excellent Communication Skills

    English must be your first language, and you must speak well and write clearly. You should also have basic copywriting skills. For example, you should immediately recognize bad email swipe, and make minor tweaks to improve it.

  • Strong Presentation Skills

    You will be presenting on webinars to affiliates, training them on different topics, and using software like Camtasia. If you’re a strong speaker, you may even be invited to speak on stage at one of our live events!

  • Excellent Organization Skills

    You need to be organized, and have good attention to detail. For example, if a certain affiliate’s conversion percentages are low, then you will… a) notice it, and… b) dig into the numbers to find out the cause. You should also be good at implementing systems and documenting them (if needed) into Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

  • Deliver VIP Treatment

    If you have any experience with affiliates (which you should), you know that the 80/20 rule doesn’t even apply… it’s more like 98/2. And that top 2% should get the overwhelming majority of your attention. Sometimes that means answering a question at midnight on a Friday, or adding affiliate links to swipe copy on short notice. This is a big part of your job, and you need to excel at it.

  • Hard-Working and Driven

    You must be passionate about what you do. You don’t sit around waiting for instructions. Working extra hours doesn’t bother you, and you’re Ok with working nights and weekends. Your key role is to drive sales, and that motivates you.

  • Ability to Sell

    You need to be able to sell. Whether you’ve been in a MLM, handled phone sales, gone door-to-door, or something else… you have some experience selling (this is important).

  • Ability to Deal with Different Personality Types

    You will be working closely with our top affiliates (some of whom can be difficult at times). You need to be able to communicate, understand, and work with different personality types.

  • You Enjoy Travel and Fast-Paced Activity

    Here at MOBE, we have a fast-paced culture. There’s a buzz in the room, and deadlines are tight. You should thrive in this environment. You should also enjoy traveling. We may relocate our office to Costa Rica or Fiji, or fly you halfway across the world to the U.S. or U.K. for an event on short notice.

Typical Projects Include...

Regular Communication with Affiliates:

  • Update affiliates on any major announcement via email broadcasts, Skype groups and private Facebook Groups (e.g. new offer they can promote, changes to commission structure, new products or features in the back office, new webinars, training or marketing material they can benefit from, and other timely updates.)
  • Manage the weekly affiliate email newsletter with summaries and highlights of the past week and any future announcements.

New Product Launches

  • Test and review any new marketing funnels with the production team to ensure tracking is working perfectly and any issues get reported and fixed before the official launch.
  • Work with the design team and copywriters to ensure all marketing assets are ready before the launch date.
  • Announce new funnels and products to affiliates and show them in a short video format where they can find all the necessary links and marketing assets.

Assist With Marketing Assets

  • Produce a weekly Ask Matt Lloyd episode by lining questions for Matt to respond to and sharing final product on blogs and other marketing channels.

Case Studies

  • Manage the MOBE Inspiration calls by calling affiliates who recently made a big commission via Skype. Congratulate them and interview them on how they got the sale and what advice they have for other affiliates. Share the recordings on YouTube, email, blog posts and Facebook groups.
  • Share any new case studies and inspirational stories with the marketing team for use in other marketing channels.

Affiliate Contest Management

  • Come up with new contests each month to motivate affiliates.
  • Provide Leader Board updates daily during major contests.
  • Select contest prizes.
  • Making sure contest prizes get paid out to all winners once the final sales numbers are tallied.

Tracking & Reporting of Sales Commissions

  • Track daily sales volumes and commissions to ensure that affiliates are recognized when they cross key milestones and receive bonuses like the MOBE rings and MOBE Motors.
  • Share stats with the marketing and events teams.

Affiliate Support

  • Provide day to day interactions and support for affiliates with any inquires or requests.
  • Be proactive and reach out to the top 100 affiliates 1-on-1 on a regular basis to ensure all their needs and concerns are met and gather feedback and comments on how the various funnels are performing and what areas we can improve on.

Online Training & Live Events

  • Attend and present at key Super Charge Summit events when needed.
  • Prepare and/or curate training material that affiliates can benefit from for their marketing activities.
  • Recruit speakers and trainers for the weekly webinars and/or other one off interviews and training opportunities.

Join Our Growing Team Helping Thousands Of Affiliates Around The World

Who You Are Not

To be a good candidate for this position, you are not an excuse-maker. You find a way to get things done. And, you have great attention to detail.

For example, if we send out an email to 10,000 of our affiliates, it needs to be free of grammar errors and spelling mistakes. You must proof read everything, test links, and schedule emails, webinars, and promos correctly.

Also, you should not be easily distracted. If a top affiliate needs something, you should be able to quickly prioritize them over whatever else you’re working on.


Your compensation will be a Base Salary plus Bonus Incentives.

Base Salary:

  • Your Base Salary will cover living expenses, lodging, and basic needs
  • We’ll help you get setup with accommodations (many of our staff live in the same 44-story building as the MOBE Office, which is 50/50 office and residential)
  • Note: You shouldn’t be too concerned about the Base Salary, because most of your money will come from performance-based Bonus Incentives

Bonus Incentives:

  • You will make a percentage of all affiliate sales (the potential here is huge)
  • You will also get Bonuses for things like: increasing front-end buyers, boosting live event registrations, and increasing sales for certain products/programs
  • We will discuss exact percentages if you make it past the first round of interviews, but if you do this job well... you should comfortably make $100,000 to $150,000 per year

How To Apply

We’re going to have dozens of applicants from all over the world, so you need to prove you’re serious before we get on a Skype interview. Your application must include:

A resume and video cover letter: Record yourself speaking in a short video (3 to 5 minutes) and upload it to YouTube. Highlight your passions, skills, and tell us why you are perfect for this role.

Tip: Put your best foot forward. We’ve gotten video cover letters where applicants are half in the dark and obviously made very little effort. Your smartphone can record quality video, so there’s no excuse for poor submissions.

Join The MOBE Team!


After You Apply

I (Matt Lloyd) will personally review each video cover letter. If you have potential, then someone from my team will reach out to schedule a Skype interview with me.

If accepted, you and I will work together virtually for a few weeks. If that goes well, then we’ll make a formal offer and arrange for you to travel to Kuala Lumpur to work in our office.

Note: This is a very important role, so we will work closely together and have daily meetings. Other people have paid tens of thousands of dollars for small blocks of consulting time with me, so this is a valuable learning experience. You’ll be seeing first-hand how I run a successful company and 7-figure per month affiliate program!

I look forward to working with you.

Matt Lloyd

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a modern Westernized city, and people are friendly to Americans and Westerners. Malaysians also have the highest English proficiency rating of any country in Asia.

Here’s what some have said after visiting.

Join The MOBE Team!